NCC Army

NCC – Army

NCC was introduced in our college in the year 1972 with Late Dr.S.G.Hussain as the first ANO. Government Science College, Bangalore is the 2nd company under 2 Kar BN NCC and is known as the “Tiger Battalion”.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To develop leadership qualities, courage, commandership, discipline, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and selfless service among the youth to make them the best citizens.
  • To create sense of discipline.
  • To provide extention services and serve the society
  • To generate trained manpower for the nation to contribute during emergencies.
  • To provide training for the students and nurture their talents to help them obtain dignified placements.

Allocated strength:

  • SD : 67
  • SW : 21
  • Total: 88


Only first year students are eligible for enrolment. Students are enrolled after they are tested for their physical fitness. They are also examined for their mental ability and the commitment and interest they show towards NCC.

Selection of leaders and promotions:

Promotions are done based on the seniority, performance of the cadets, attendance and fulfilment of the required conditions. The hierarchy is Cadet

Budgetary allocations and funds:

Funding is provided by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India towards refreshments (Rs.60 per student/ parade) and as washing allowance to the cadets. Uniforms are supplied by the battalion.

Officer-in-Charge : Dr.U.B. Roy, Asst. Professor, Department of Zoology

Calender of Events:

Sl.No. Activity Month
1 Enrolment activities June-July
2 Motivation and enrolment July
3 Distribution of uniforms and introduction to naval courtesy August
4 Turn out, naval traditions and customs and naval orientation; swimming training August
5 Watermanship training, Ulsoor lake, Bangalore August- September
6 Combined annual training camps September
7 Pre Nav Sainik camp training, Arabian sea, Udupi, phase I,II and III September-October
8 All India Nav Sainik Camp; Inter-Directorate competitions- Nationals, Easteren naval command, Vishakapatnam/ Karwar October-November
9 Pre-RD camps, Phase I,II and III October-December
10 RD camp January
11 CATCS, NIC, Trekking camps, Ocean to sky trekking camps September-January
12 RD sailing Regetta, INS Chilka, Odissa December-January
13 Ship attachment camp and Defuse Training at OTI Kamptee April/May
14 YEP February-April
15 Institutional activities such as parade training and naval subjects August -January
16 B and C certificate exams February