Calendar of Events 2016 - 2017

    Commencement of Admission to UG Courses         1st June 2016    
    Reopening of College, Date of Reporting for Teachers and Commencement of Classes         27th June 2016    
    Last date for Admissions without penal fee for I Semester Students         5th July 2016    
    Last date for Admissions with penal fee for I Semester Students         12th July 2016    
    Induction Programme         16th July 2016    
    Admission Approval         17th August to 23rd September 2016    
    Blood Group Mapping         July - August 2016    
    Enrolment Activities of NSS, NCC, Red Cross, Scouts and Guides         July - August 2016    
    Inaugural         August 2016    
    I Internal Test         25th August 2016 onwards    
    II Internal Test         Last week of September 2016    
    PTA Meeting         10th September 2016    
    Practical Exams         13th October 2016 onwards    
    Last Working Day and Last Date for Submission of Internal Marks        15th October 2016    
    Commencement of Vacation         19th October 2016    
    Commencement of Theory Exams         3rd November 2016    
    Commencement of Valuation         4th November 2016    
    Closing of Theory Exams         30th November 2016    
    Reopening of College         19th December 2016    
    Reopening of College         December 2016    
    Nadu Nudi Habba         Second week of January 2017    
    Cultural Competitions         Second week of February 2017    
    I Internal Test         Third week of February 2017    
    Inter Class Sports Activities         First week of March 2017    
    Sports Day         Last week of March 2017    
    College Day         First week of April 2017    
    Practical Exams         Third week of April 2017    
    Commencement of Theory Exams         May 2017    
    Last Working Day         April 2017